Soul of Athens is an annual School of Visual Communication multimedia project produced by graduate and undergraduate students at Ohio University.


dan copper

Heart of Copper

Athens local Dan Copper doesn’t think of himself as an artist — rather, he’s a creator. He has made a decent living from selling his artwork made out of reclaimed materials, but when the pandemic hit, his sales plummeted and he feared he would lose his home. Then, he met Jacqueline Krim.

Photo by Dylan Benedict


Appalachian Cuisine

Among the foothills of Appalachia, here in Southeast Ohio, a deep culinary tradition pulls from many nationalities and eras of history. Scotch-Irish, German, African and Native American cultures melded to develop the region’s eclectic cuisine.

Photo by Erin Burk

dan copper

Zoë's Story

After a year of isolation, anxiety and loss during a pandemic, a project team of nine Ohio University students formed a pop-up marketing agency to reframe, rebrand and revitalize the story of a local Athens, Ohio restaurant called Zoë Fine Dining.

Photo by Nate Swanson

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The Soul of Athens is an annual student-led project presented by the School of Visual Communication in the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University.

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